Guide to

Retirement Planning

An Educational Course for Adults Ages 40 and Up

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How much money will you need to save to retire comfortably?

Educate yourself! This class will teach you:

• Steps necessary to achieve financial success now and in retirement.
• Why following a plan ensures a successful retirement.
• Where the mistakes are made and how to avoid them.
• Maximize you and your spouse’s Social Security benefits.
• What you really need to know about senior health care.
• Select a retirement plan distribution that meets your objectives.
• Make sure your income during retirement will keep you in your current lifestyle without worrying about running out of money.
• Protect your assets before and during retirement.
• What does estate planning mean, and why you need it.

Get answers to these questions:

• How much money do I need to retire?
• Which investment options are best for me?
• How can I legally reduce my taxes?
• What is my best option for retirement distributions?
• How can I maximize my Social Security payments?
• Will I need to keep working to secure my retirement?
• What are my health care options and what are the costs?
• What is the best process for transferring assets to my heirs?

Curriculum Outline

Module 1 - Trends in Retirement Planning
Module 2 - Retirement Hurdles
Module 3 - Retirement Income
Module 4 - Understanding Investments
Module 5 - Asset Protection & Risk Management
Module 6 - Estate Planning
Trends in Retirement Planning

• Traditional View of Retirement
• Modern View of Retirement
• Lifestyle Planning Considerations
• Retirement Planning Process

Retirement Hurdles

• No Financial Plan
• Cash Flow Statement
• Financial Statement
• Inflation
• Retirement Case Study
• Credit & Debt
• Investment Timing
• Taxes

Retirement Income

• Social Security
• Personal Sources of Income
• Traditional IRAs
• Roth IRAs
• Transfers and Rollovers
• Defined Benefit Plans
• Defined Contribution Plans

Understanding Investments

• Investment Considerations
• Cash Accounts
• Bonds
• Stocks
• Do-It-Yourself Investing
• Professional Money Managers
• Mutual Funds
• Tax-Deferred Annuities
• Managing Investment Risks

Asset Protection & Risk Management

• Property & Casualty Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Long-Term Care
• Term Life Insurance
• Cash Value Life Insurance

Estate Planning

• Planning Objectives
• Intestate Death
• Incapacity Planning
• Wills
• Probate
• Income Tax Planning
• Transfer Taxes
• Trusts
• Direct Transfer Assets
• Forms of Joint Ownership
• Gifting

This presentation is designed solely for educational purposes and is not intended to provide legal or tax advise. Attendees should seek personal guidance from their own attorney and accountant. Estate planning should be done in conjunction with your financial advisor, attorney and accountant.

Who should attend the course and why?

Who Needs this Course?

The Guide to Retirement Planning course is specially designed for adults over age 40. We discuss topics that pertain to those planning on retiring in twenty years, as well as those who have recently retired. We address financial issues which affect employees of corporations, small businesses, the government and those that are self- employed. This course is highly recommended for couples.

Why Should I Attend?

Attending this comprehensive course will help you:

1. Establish your Goals
The course will guide you through the process of retirement planning one step at a time. You will learn how to develop realistic goals based on the length of time before retirement, your financial needs in retirement and your risk tolerance.

2. Become More Knowledgeable
You will be exposed to financial and estate planning strategies which will give you a solid background for making educated decisions affecting your personal situation before and during retirement. You will be able to make important long term decisions with confidence.

3. Understand the Hurdles to Overcome
Not only will you understand the hurdles one must overcome, you will also learn the four most important concepts to achieve success, as you look down the road of the rest of your life.

4. Plan Your Income and Investments
Understand where your income will come from in retirement, and how you ought to be invested - now and in retirement. Do you know the differences between risk and fluctuation?

5. Understand Estate Planning
The course will review estate planning strategies; wills and trusts; how to transfer money and responsibilities to loved ones and charities; how to keep this process private; and the tax implications of leaving a financial legacy.

6. Take Action
The most pervasive obstacle to achieving your retirement goals is procrastination. You can be your own worst enemy! Know you are making the right decisions, and get it done for you and your family.

Adult Financial Education

Why is Financial Education Important?

There are over 300 million people living in the United States, and a great many are illiterate when it comes to planning for their future. It does not matter what level of education they have achieved. Even those with the highest degree available never took a class about how to manage their own finances to secure their financial future! So, isn't it time to get a solid understanding of the financial issues important to you?

Times have changed since our parents and grandparents planned for their retirement. Social Security, tax laws, and the costs associated with senior care are a few examples. When you attend these two classes, you will receive two textbooks with over 162 pages of information, in addition to a glossary of key terms. Your instructors will use visual aids and personal stories to aid in your understanding of how you can accomplish what you have wanted to financially achieve your entire life!

Planning strategies do exist to guide you to financial success now and for the rest of your life! Your situation is unique of course. You will be offered individualized attention to address your specific concerns.

About Your Instructors

Your Instructors

Jay Howard, FSS, CLTC®, former “Voice of the Spurs” and Logan W. Dietel, CFP®, CLTC®, FSS will be your instructors. They are directors of the Financial Education Institute, NP and members of Cornermen Financial and are investment adviser representatives of Sequent Planning LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Investment advisory services are provided through Sequent Planning LLC. Cornermen Financial and Sequent Planning LLC are separate, independent entities. Sequent Planning LLC and its advisers do not render tax, legal, or accounting advice. Investments are not guaranteed, involve risk, and are subject to loss of entire principal invested.

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The information provided on this website is for educational purposes and does not intend to make an offer of solicitation for the sale or purchase of any specific products, investments, or investment strategies.